IMG_2619 (edited, smallest)Growing up on a ranch in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, Rachel Rivest loves Colorado’s independent, cowboy spirit. As a program officer at the Foundation, she is continually amazed by the people and organizations who keep the American Dream alive through their hard-work and generosity. 

As one of the Foundation’s Millennials, Rachel routinely displays her geeky bona fides. She’s Twitterfied (a certified Twitterer), Instagramable and is Linked-in all over the place. Before joining the Foundation, Rachel spent nine years as a nonprofit fundraiser. So, yes, she genuinely feels your pain. Seriously, Rachel knows exactly what it’s like to reside on your side of the table and, therefore, sincerely appreciates everything nonprofits do to make our lives and communities more vibrant and free. Rachel graduated from Michigan State University with a degree in chemistry. While she may have traded her lab coat for a navy blazer, she is still a scientist at heart and enjoys dissecting the inner workings of pretty much everything which, sorry to report, includes your grant request. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with family and exploring Colorado’s great outdoors by bike and kayak.