coors-peernavigatorWe owe a debt of gratitude to the young men and women who defend our freedom as members of the U.S. military. However, we owe them more than gratitude. We owe them a chance to live their American dream. And we believe building that dream starts with a good job.

With the drawdown of U.S. forces, military leaders expect over 300 soldiers to separate each month from Colorado military installations. Fresh from their tour of duty, these young Americans embody the integrity, personal responsibility and resourcefulness that make our country great.

The Adolph Coors Foundation has awarded a special grant to the Peer Navigator program to help these ready-to-work soldiers navigate the transition from full-time military service to a full-time career. Peer Navigator offers an individualized step-by-step program to match any ready-to-work veteran with the resources they need to match their military skills with the needs of private and public sector employers.