IMG_2550 (smaller)Alejandra is the most recent recruit to the Foundation’s team of program officers. She graduated from Pepperdine University in southern California. Upon completing school, Alejandra had no hesitation leaving the beaches of Malibu for purple mountain majesties, a testament to the depth of her passion for the natural beauty – and friendly people – of Colorado.

Alejandra has collected a few nicknames over the years … “Allie,” “AJ” and, befitting her 5’3” frame, “Big Al.” (Note:  She added exactly nothing to the average height of the staff.) However, there is nothing small about Alejandra’s appetite for helping her fellow Coloradans. Alejandra worked previously for the Colorado House of Representatives and served on the Washington, D.C., staff of U.S. Senator Cory Gardner before joining the Foundation. Both positions allowed her to learn more about the good work taking place in our communities and nationally, and getting to know the great leaders who carry it out. When she isn’t learning about the ways nonprofits are helping our fellow citizens thrive, she enjoys trivia, a good documentary, or learning a new joke.