About Our Foundation

We live in a special place … Colorado. Our rolling plains, majestic mountains and wide-open canyons make our state exceptional. But what really sets us apart is the independent spirit and generosity of our citizens. Colorado remains a land of opportunity for those who want to roll up their sleeves and work for it. And, for those who still need a helping hand, our fellow Coloradans have a long tradition of jumping in to help out. This way of life made it possible for the Coors Family to participate in the American dream for more than 100 years, and the Trustees of the Adolph Coors Foundation want to make sure this country remains the land of opportunity for others, too.

Featured Team Member

John Jackson

John Jackson

John Jackson specializes in giving legs to good ideas. Drawing on his years as a self-employed business owner, John says he and the Foundation staff practice what they preach … crafting entrepreneurial giving strategies that…

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